2023 SDA Awards

2023 SDA Awards

2023 SDA Awards 

This year we held our 3rd SDA Award session and a graduation which celebrated our 2023 leavers and pre-school students who have graduated out of the pre-school class. 

For the past 3 years we have celebrated all of our pupils’ successes by having our awards night to pick out and acknowledge pupils who have been working exceptionally hard. We have 3 standout awards. 

Our overall winner is someone who works exceptionally hard all year round and is always going above and beyond to better themselves as a dancer, support those around them and for embodying everything we stand for here at JHM????

Our 2023 Overall Winner is Abby????

Our Social Star award goes to someone who really gets involved and is always making sure everyone is feeling included, as well as helping out however they can⭐️

Our 2023 Social Star winner is Alice⭐️

Our Butterfly award goes to someone who in the last year has grown as a dancer and has gained lots of self confidence which has helped them to have come out of their shell and really flourish into who they are today! ????

Our 2023 Butterfly Award winner is Sophie????